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Cooking up a storm with Booko: Baking Happiness

Rosie Madaschi found happiness by baking elaborate cakes and baked goods, and now she’s spreading the joy in Baking Happiness.

Building your hobby with Booko: Perfume

A beautifully made scent can encapsulate a particular feeling, transport you or remind you of a loved one. The question is, how do you find such a creation? Today’s clever pick will help; it’s Perfume: In search of your signature scent.

Build your hobby with Booko: Drawing

Today’s clever pick, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook, helps artists to nurture the creative right side of the brain which dramatically improves your ability to draw.

Build your hobby with Booko: Brickman’s Family Challenge Book

Fancy yourself as a LEGO master? Then today’s #cleverpick is for you. Brickman has some amazing tips, tricks and challenges in his Brickman’s Family Challenge Book.

If you really are a LEGO master then you’ll also love one of the other sites in the Booko family; Bricko. A site dedicated to sourcing the best priced LEGO from around the world. Click through here.