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Build your hobby with Booko: Brickman’s Family Challenge Book

Fancy yourself as a LEGO master? Then today’s #cleverpick is for you. Brickman has some amazing tips, tricks and challenges in his Brickman’s Family Challenge Book.

If you really are a LEGO master then you’ll also love one of the other sites in the Booko family; Bricko. A site dedicated to sourcing the best priced LEGO from around the world. Click through here.

Build your hobby with Booko: Collecting Fine Art

In celebration of its 15-year anniversary, LUMAS presents 100 of the finest pieces in its portfolio of art photography in Collecting Fine Art. From landscape to portraiture, architectural images to fashion shots, photographs to contemporary paintings this carefully-curated collection showcases the gallery’s unique offering of authentic, yet affordable art.

Build your hobby with Booko: Sea, Ice and Rock.

Sea, Ice and Rock is the story of an epic journey and an exchange of skills, which then grew into a joint expedition to Greenland’s unexplored Lemon Mountains.

Build your hobby with Booko: The Collage Ideas Book

What you can create with collage knows no bounds. Expertly curated The Collage Ideas is an exciting collection of new collage ideas will inspire collage artists at every level.

Build your hobby with Booko: Mastering Kilns and Firing

Lindsay Oesterritter provides a crash course in the most accessible methods of alternative firing with minimal equipment in Mastering Kilns and Firing.