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Want to know the Format of a book?

Done! Well, where possible. I requested the guys at “The Nile” add the “Format” of a book to their API on Sunday. Literally 8am on Monday I got the response that they’d implemented it! That’s super fast! Amazon already has the feature and I’ve added it to the Fishpond scraper, so we would should be set. Unfortunately, not all books actually list the format of the book.  

I can see a common problem I have with getting book data from multiple sites – not all book “records” at each site contains all the information. Sometimes one site will have the format, but maybe not a good image of the cover. Sometimes a site will have neither. But generally, I just pick one sites data and go with that. It’s fast and easy. To get complete data, it looks like I’ll have to start making book records composites from multiple sites.