Sort your Alerts

A new feature was rolled out today: you can now sort your alerts by product name or by current product price.

It sounds easy to say it like that, but there was a bit more to it than I expected:

  • Keep track of which column is being sorted and which direction when moving between pages of alerts
  • Consistently show only active / inactive alerts
  • Draw directional chevron in the column headers and show the chevron when you mouse over an unsorted column
  • Make sure column headers don’t wrap when you add a chevron
  • Sort alerts by product price

This last item isn’t as straight forward as you might guess. Each alert is related to a single product and each product has many prices. Sometimes Booko doesn’t have any prices for a product or the prices are stale or the prices are for a different region ( US / UK ); furthermore, product prices can have filters ( EG, we don’t show Amazon Prime price by default since they require you to pay a membership fee ).

The current method for sorting by price is a bit brute force – if you find it slow please let me know and I’ll take a look at optimising it.

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