How to style a bookshelf like a Pro

I don’t know about you but my bookshelves are packed from top to bottom with books.  There isn’t a plan with regards to how books can be showcased and the space ends up looking more like an eyesore than an appealing area to enjoy in your home.  For this blog I have called in the big guns in the form of the wonderful blogs Spark & Chemistry and Tidbits and Wine who step you through the process.  Design Sponge also provide some inspiration in the forms of homes that ‘get it right’ when it comes to styling some of your most loved books and possessions.  If you are wanting to add some beautiful items to your bookshelf, we recommend The Designstuff Group.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 7.52.04 pm

Image from Spark & Chemistry.

  1.  When it comes to styling your bookshelves, it’s best to start with the shelves and find ways to improve the look of them.  This might be papering the back of them with interesting paper, painting them or converting free-standing bookshelves to built-ins.  Once the bare bones look the best that they can, it’s time to start adding to them.
  2. Start considering what you want to place in the shelves.  Aim for large items and start diagonally – the could be stacks of books placed horizontally, large items such as vases or other types of memorabilia.  If you start putting an item on the top left, the next larger-sized item should be placed in the bottom right to ‘balance’ the shelves.
  3. Consider the colour palette of the shelves.  Tidbits and Wine recommend selecting main and highlight colours.  The below image features a mainly blue and white bookshelf with highlight colours of gold, red and green.  The shelf looks balanced as the colours remain consistent throughout the shelf and in the room.
  4. Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 8.30.45 pmOnce you have placed your large items, start placing your medium-sized items and then your smallest items.
  5. For smaller items, you might consider grouping them in two’s or three’s to give them greater impact – this works well if the items are of a similar colour or style.  If you are finding it challenging to style books that have different coloured jackets, consider removing the jackets or turning them around so that you can see the pages.  This also gives you a nice textural element to the display.
  6. You might consider grouping books according to their colour.  Brightly coloured books look fantastic styled this way.

Image from Tidbits and Wine

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 7.52.12 pm

7.  Consider adding sculptural elements such as candlesticks, interesting bowls or statues that provide a focal point for the bookshelves.

Voila!  You’re now styling your bookshelf like a pro!  If you would like some more tips on home decor and interiors, here are some books that may help.

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