Planning your 2016? We have sourced the best diaries for you.

Wow, it’s 2016 already, I always seem to lose track of the days between Christmas and New Year and can never seem to remember which day of the week it is.

My favourite part of early January is choosing my diary for the year ahead. I start each year attempting to use only my mobile (I am a minimalist at heart and try to reduce the number of things I carry) but alas I just can’t seem to commit to only a device. There’s something about seeing my whole week ahead of me and the joy of ticking off the tasks and appointments, or scribbling in notes in the margins.

Being organised can not only help to increase productivity and reduce stress but it also allows you to be in command of your schedule. Investing in the right diary takes a little time. Firstly,  I assess the purpose: is it for personal, professional, studies, family, community, business use or a combination of everything? Then I look at the size, the layout and lastly design. These are the steps I take when selecting a diary, planner, calendar or organiser:


Some people like to keep separate planners, one in the handbag, a calendar on the fridge to keep track of the family activities and a table top planner at the office, or just use an app on your phone. Whether your choose one or several the rest of the steps are simple.


How do you want to use your diary? That will help determine the size. Light and portable so you can easily carry in your bag, or if you have a lot of planning needs, meetings or need to take loads of notes, a larger format such as A4 may be more suited.


Depending on how much you need to write and record on a daily basis, or how many appointments you might have, may mean the difference from a day per page layout to a monthly planner. A Day to Page will offer loads of space for appointments, but if you plan to carry this around with you everywhere, it might get a tad bulky as the year goes on. If you want a daily format but a lighter option, try a DayPlanner where you can put in a few months at a time.

And lastly DESIGN 

This is often what it boils down to for me, I am unashamedly design driven. You’ll always spot me with a sleek black diary with uber cool typography.

Here’s my pick of some available at

Collective 2016 Diary Believe in Yourself

DREAM BIG, DREAM OFTEN The year to live your wildest hopes and dreams. With quotes to motivate you and little reminders to inspire your day, this 2016 diary is the place for everything you! Scribble, draw, write, dream, create, for the world is yours.





Faber & Faber Poetry Diary 2016

The Faber Poetry Diary for 2016 is a week-to-view diary offering poetry lovers a different poem or illustration to enjoy for each week of the year.






Cath Kidson 2016 

Her work is always sunny and a delight to look at. This lovely A5 Diary in a Cath Kidston Provence Rose print features a protective plastic cover, note pages, and a handy address book.





Fitness Journal 2016

This Fitness Journal is great for keeping a log of your exercise routine and food intake. Pop it in your training bag and track what you are doing down at the gym. This aids fitness and weight gain/loss by helping you to create a visual image of your body, fitness and eating habits and make the necessary changes as you see fit. Measuring 6″ x 9,” it is nicely designed. With room to track a whole 12 months worth of activity. What gets measured gets done and as you see improvements, you will continue to track your goals and your results will multiply. Kick-start your fitness goals in 2016 and beyond with this nifty little workout journal
log, it will be one of the best decisions you can make. 

2016 Diary by Karl

This must-have weekly planner is a cult object for fashion aficionados everywhere. An accessory in its own right with striking line illustrations ranging from Chanel handbags to Karl’s signature sunglasses and fingerless gloves the sleek and elegant format will add style to your bag or desk. Karl has a statement for every occasion, and his witty and quintessentially fashionable opinions whether inspiring, amusing, self-deprecating or thought-provoking are always on point. As fabulous as it is functional, the planner contains ample space for personal information, daily entries and notes, as well as providing a yearly overview. Adding a hint of glamour to the daily grind, it also features international fashion week schedules!

2016 Nava Design 

An exquisitely designed range of planners and diaries in a variety of colors, useful for managing your busy schedule, and perfectly sized to use on the go. With its split-color cover design and sturdy binding, this planner covers 16 months – September 2015 to December 2016, with a week per page spread. Compact and unique, it’s not
only useful but incredibly stylish too. Text in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.