A bevy of sweet updates.

Two new shops added – Book Bargains and DVD Pacific. Both look like great additions to Booko.

Along with the new stores, I’ve fixed a bunch of little bugs and added more availability messages to prices (Just hover your mouse over the price – not super obvious I’ll grant 😉 )

8 thoughts on “A bevy of sweet updates.

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon this site (again!) so this time I thought’d I’d say thanks for the awesome site! Keep it up!

  2. I absolutely love your site and I’ve been spamming your link all over to friends and colleagues online and off, and giving them demos (because it’s only when people see the comparison table that jaws start to drop – I’m wondering if you should add an example graphic to your front page?).

    Two questions: are you benefitting if I buy books linked through Booko? I hope so.

    And also do you have any plans to add Abebooks and second hand dealers such as Amazon Marketplace? I recently found a couple of books on Amazon slightly cheaper than Book Depository, because even with the postage charge the initial price (like £1.50) was so low.

    1. Hi! Sorry for not replying sooner!
      1) Yep – Booko gets affiliate fees if you purchase from a shop with an affiliate setup. I need to make it a bit more obvious which stores have an affiliate program.
      2) Yes – I plan on adding Used books and Marketplace style stores to Booko

      Thanks for comment and thanks for spreading the word!


  3. A Thank you worth repeating – for this so useful, helpful, and money saving site, my family, friends and I love it.

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