Summer fixes

Couple of little fixes, the largest of which is the search functionality is no longer powered by AJAX.  This means the Back button will work correctly after you’ve searched for a book, then gone and viewed a book, then clicked back.  Surprisingly, Safari actually did clever stuff to make this work – clicking back in Safari would take you back to the search results – in every other browser you’d be taken an unexpected page – usually the front page.

Secondly, I’ve added HTML5 attributes to various fields as described by Mark Pilgrim. The most obvious will be to Safari and Chrome users (at least the Mac version) where the search box will have round corners and stuff.  Other fields such as the email entry on login and register, and the OpenID field will now be easier to use on the iPhone, with alternative keyboard making it easier to enter that data.

Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Summer fixes

  1. Thanks for fixing up the back button issue – searching for a book, viewing the details and prices, then going back to the search results is WAY better now. Well done. (I am using IE6 at my work computer).

    Keep up the good work!

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