Monthly Archives: December 2009

Google / Yahoo user?

Logging into Booko just got easier. If you have a Google or Yahoo account, just hit the appropriate button and you’re in, registration included.

Turns out, this was super easy to add to Booko since it already does vanilla OpenID logins. Basically, Booko just fills in the OpenID URL with “” or “” and OpenID Directed Identity does the rest. You could also just type those URLs in yourself and it’ll work just the same.  Sweet!

New Booko features

Hey everyone, Booko has some new features.

User accounts – you can now create an account to save your cart.  Booko accepts OpenID also – so you can use your OpenID provider to log in to Booko.

If you have a Booko account, you can now create additional lists for keeping track of books. For example, you could create a wish list, or a scifi list, or a kids’ book list or a list of all Tintin books. Just go to the “Manage Lists” page and go to town.

Finally, you can make lists public and sharable. Once you’ve created a list, just tick the “Public?” checkbox.  Booko will then create a public URL for you to use.   For example, here’s a list I made of all Tintin comics:

You can copy all the items from any public list into your own cart or into any of your lists.

Let me know what you think.