Playing on the Master branch

I’m working on adding a new feature to Booko, but I accidentally started working on the Git Master branch, which I like to keep sync’d with the production version of Booko. So after a few commits I want to be able to add some fixes to Booko, but I’ve polluted my master branch with untested, unfinished changes.  What to do?

After reading up on Stack Overflow, I decided to fix things.  What I want to do, is reset my master branch to the version in production, and take all the subsequent commits and create a new branch with them.  Turns out, it’s easy.

1. Find the commit you want the master branch to be at. You can find the SHA-1 name with “git log”

2. Create a branch from that commit with: git checkout -b new_master <SHA-1 commit name> (hint: this will be the new master )

3. Rename your current master branch to the new name of the feature: git branch -m master branchname

4. Rename the new_master to master: git branch -m new_master master

And, job done. You’re no longer messing up your master.

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