New search URL

Dan requested I make it possible to link directly to search results for passing around to friends.  Making functionality more easily accessible seemed like a good thing to do, so the controller now responds correctly to ajax and regular browser requests. Naturally had to add a work around for IE – life would be easier if nobody used it. But, needs must as the devil drives.  The result of all this is you can now access perform searches like this:

2 thoughts on “New search URL

  1. Nice one… Pushing the friendship, but is it possible to have it do the smarts for say multible word search eg


    Completes an “and” search so I only get results with both words. How do I go about doing an “or” search so I get results for both words not a combination ? 🙂

    1. Hi Dan,
      Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I’m not opposed to adding features to Booko on request – but this one may be difficult. Booko actually passes the search query through to the Amazons and two other online book stores for searches, then merges the results. So, all 4 sites that are searched would have to support the search syntax – ie “AND” and “OR”.

      I’ll keep it mind though. The first step would be to check all sites to see if they’d support such syntax.

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