New shops, some colour

Due to popular demand, I’ve added The Co-op Bookstore. I initially investigated the Co-op and decided against adding it, due to the fact that to get the member pricing you have to pay $20. Quite a few people have requested I add them, so add them I have. You’ll have to follow the link to their shop to get the member pricing however.  I’ve also added to the list, bringing Booko to 29 shops indexed.  

You’ll be shocked to see I’ve added some colour to Booko. I know it’s bold and out there, but I think it’s time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New shops, some colour

  1. this is a great site – keep it up!
    its very useful and i like the simple/clean layout.

  2. is absolutely brilliant!

    I’ve been saving sometimes $10 or $20 off my usual
    Amazon (US) price, which was already much better than
    the online shops I was aware of. I was already happy
    with the prices I was getting at Amazon. I could
    have saved $12.50 on a book I bought recently, based
    on the Booko price.

    Today I was even able to get the best price among three
    different printings of the same title.

    Keep Booko going!


    PS: I’m not sure how to use the “Add to Cart” button.
    It doesn’t seem to do anything useful. It goes to
    the list of shops stocking the book, but doesn’t go
    to the book at the shops when I click on them.

    1. Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for the positive comments – it’s fantastic to hear Booko is saving people money and making book buying easier. WRT the cart functionality, the goal is to find the cheapest shop for a group of books – this is useful because shipping calculations vary widely between the shops – some have free delivery when the price of all the books is above $50, while some have a base rate + per item calculations. Unfortunately, only 2 shops have a function allowing me to add multiple items to their cart – Amazon and the Nile. When you have multiple items in your cart, the best Booko can do for the other shops, is drop you at the front page. Amazon and the Nile should ask you to confirm that you’d like to add the books to your cart. For the other shops, it’s probably better to open tabs in your browser for each book and manually add them to your cart. Not ideal, but I figured the ability to find the cheapest place to buy a collection of books is worth the manual process of adding each to the cart.

      Thanks again for the great comments,

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