Better World Books joins the list of sites Booko searches.

Thanks to Tyrone Butter and Andrew Wilson for suggesting another online bookstore – Better World Books.  This site has a flat $3.97 USD delivery fee to anywhere in the world. Even better, they have an easy to use API ( no screen scraping! ) and an Affilate program – which I’m yet to sign up for (requires American IRS paperwork!).

They also have a large selection of second hand books – I don’t include them in the results at the moment because it doesn’t seem fair to compare new pricing with old.  Any opinions out there on the value of including (somehow) second hand books?

In more geeky news, I’ve updated some of the testing code for Booko – it now tests the sites I scrape pricing information from to check if they have changed their HTML. Should make life easier.

2 thoughts on “Better World Books joins the list of sites Booko searches.

  1. Thanks for suggesting Better World Books! Receive a 10% discount with the coupon code: JHAL08
    Coupon good for a one-time use on or before December 31, 2008. 

  2. Hi Dan,

    I’m the ‘product manager’ for and I’m happy to see that you have found our API and are happy with how it works (and that you will be adding our site to Booko!). We love our Australian customers and are looking for more ways to get the word out about our site.

    I’d be happy to extend a limited-time coupon code that you could share with your users to get things kicked off if you think that this would be something of interest to your visitors. Please feel free to contact me at jbrandon [at] and we’ll go from there.

    -Justin (San Francisco, CA)

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