Random Booko updates

Well, I’ve added a blurb to Booko’s front page. Should have done this a while ago – makes it feel more like a proper website. It’s probably a bit too much text, but I’ll work on it.

Fixed a bug reported by Timo and Dan B (And probably others) – clicking “Add to Cart” before the prices were fully loaded made the cart behave pretty strangely – usually you’d get several items in your cart or some such. The problem was that the cart price can’t be calculated until all the prices are available. I’ve hidden the link to add items to the cart until all the prices are correct.

Figured out how to set a timeout for getting prices from stores – and set it to 15 seconds.  May need to tweak this a bit. Some shops were taking too long to respond.  (Thanks Dan B for the suggestion)

Tweaked the HTML for the cart, adding another separator. This site is now, without doubt, very separated.

2 thoughts on “Random Booko updates

  1. technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it. I can remember, on more than one occasion, chasing a ‘bug’ in our system for days. I’ve come to the comclusion that Info Tech work is more about guesses than fact. Glad you are getting it sorted.

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