New blog for Booko

One of the more interesting blogs I read is Core Economics, by Joshua Gans, a professor at Melbourne Business School.  He recently published a book – Parentomics. In the comment section of the post where he announced it, I mentioned that he could find pricing for his book in a bunch of Australian book stores on Booko. He subsequently wrote a quick post on Booko – linking to books he’s published.  

Most of the people who use Booko know that it’s currently a personal project that’s not been advertised very widely. The impact of being mentioned on a site like CoreEconomics was pretty exciting / terrifying to see.

That made me decide that its time for Booko to have it’s own blog rather than share my personal blog – so here it is. You can find all the all Booko posts on my personal blog.

One thought on “New blog for Booko

  1. Dear Booko,

    I find Booko very useful but seem to have run in to a problem with a particular Booko reference to Deepak Chopra. Dont know if this is the right way to contact you. Can you email me please.

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