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This is how we like to spend our weekends

It’s the weekend!

And that’s a wrap people! The week is coming to a close and with Melbourne’s weather being completely bonkers (we’ve gone from 38 degrees last week to 12 degrees today) it looks like it’ll be the perfect weekend for hibernating inside where it’s warm. See you on the other side!

Happy Friday

Happy Footy Final Friday everyone. We hop you have a fabulous weekend hanging with friends and family. If you’re watching the footy, good luck to your team and we’ll see you on the other side.

This awesome artwork is by Melbourne based artist Sam Merrigan and we love it!

Happy Weekend

Spring is only two days away here in Melbourne marking the end of a very loooong and cold Winter and we cannot wait!

It’s also Father’s Day on Sunday (don’t panic, there’s still time to send a voucher for a great new book on the off chance you’ve forgotten or been or hibernating).

Happy weekend everyone.

Happy Friday

Goodbye Working Week and Hello Weekend!

Pat yourself on the back people because we have made it to the end of the week in one piece. It’s now officially the weekend and the temperature is rising here in Melbourne which means Spring is right around the corner…time to bring on lazy lunches, time at the beach and hours in the garden.