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Search “All” now available

The most confusing aspect of Booko for new users is having to choose between the various search engines (The Amazons, The Nile or Fishpond) to find their book. Users often think they need to search on all the sites manually to get prices for their books, when actually, the search segment is literally, just to find the book – the price comparison is the second step.

Well, Booko should now be much easier to use (hopefully). I’ve added an “All” search option as the default search method. Searching “All” will search all four of the sites listed and aggregate the results.  


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Parallel importation restrictions review

In The Age recently:

THE usually calm waters of the book industry is likely to be stirred up by the news that the Government has asked the Productivity Commission to consider lifting parallel importation restrictions on books.

Read the full article in full here.

Naturally, Australian book publishers are against it, Book sellers are for it.  The same thing happened to CD imports a few years ago and many claimed it would be the death of Australian music. Didn’t turn out that way.


You can signup via email for more information about this report on the Productivity Commission’s website.

Better World Books

The awesome people at Better World Books have extended a 10% discount on books (not delivery) to Booko users until the end of the year. It’s a single use coupon so use it wisely! Coupon code is: JHAL08 

Better World are somewhat different to most other online book stores in that they also include a large selection of used books. They help fund literacy programs all around the world. Read more about them on their site.